The Husky Bean Hosts Grand Opening

The Husky Bean Hosts Grand Opening

Hamilton Heights Primary School recently held a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the Husky Bean, an in-school cafe service for faculty and staff available on Fridays.

“It all started when Peyton Parker, an Instructional Assistant, sent me an article about a Life Skills class at a school in Texas selling coffee to staff and the benefits to everyone involved,” recalled Denise Wisley, of the initial idea. “That was the flame that ignited those of us in Room 58 to begin brainstorming on how we could create a similar service at the building that ultimately grew into The Husky Bean.

Room 58 is a resource classroom that is much more. In addition to Wisley and Parker, Toby Etchison, Amy Waldron, Linda Fledderjohn, Jenna Schmidt, Leslie Kortzendorf, Cecilia Gentry, and Ali Laitas comprise the talented team of educators who work in Room 58. The focus is developing “life skills” – that is a skill that is necessary, every day, that individuals need to get through life. A part of the Room 58 curriculum includes helping students learn to: take care of yourself, take care of each other and take care of this place.

“We believe one of the most important skills we can teach is how to be an independent learner,” Wisley pointed out. “The Husky Bean involves many life skills that will help our little huskies to be future independent, successful, working citizens.”

“Husky Bean is both a service project and a motivator for students who receive core instruction and interventions in Room 58 to demonstrate positive, ‘Husky Rocks’ behavior all week long so they can participate in The Husky Bean cafe,” continued Wisley. We also teach a weekly segment on social skills character development which the coffee service blends in perfectly.”

“The life skills we practice with The Husky Bean include math (counting, adding, subtracting, problem- solving); sequencing steps in an activity, fulfilling an order, appropriate social skills, sharing, peer-peer work, reading and comprehension, health and hygiene, and so much more,” added Peyton Parker, who is thrilled with the response to The Husky Bean by students and staff.

The service offers coffee, tea and hot chocolate along with an assortment of donated breakfast items for sale. Money collected through the service is used to replenish supplies, resources and gifts of love for staff and support services.

Julie Griffey, Hamilton Heights Primary School Principal, said this is one example of the many great things happening within Room 58 that blends hands-one, real-life skills and a positive message throughout the building.” 

Money to help launch The Husky Bean was provided through a grant from the Hamilton Heights Educational Foundation. “This is exactly the type of project the Foundation likes to fund,” said Melissa Martin, president, Hamilton Heights Educational Foundation, who attended the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony.”


Photo caption: The grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony officially launched “The Husky Bean” service at the Hamilton Heights Primary School. Donuts to accompany the beverages offered at the celebration were donated by The Choo Choo Café. Pictured (l-r) include: Amy Waldron, HHPS Instructional Assistant, Ryder Rednour, Xavier Trennepohl, Ana Alexander, Denise Wisley, Resource Coach, Julie Griffey, HHPS Principal, Braden Rutledge, Elliot Lee, and Peyton Parker, HHPS Instructional Assistant.