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Food Allergies



Nutrient analysis and allergen identification for foods served in meals is available to student and parents.  This information can be accessed through the mobile application Mealviewer by viewing the Mealviewer online menus at  Students with special dietary needs can bring foods prepared from home or may be eligible for a modification to the meal provided by school.  Dietary modifications to student meals are made on an individual, case-by-case basis.  If a student desires to receive a modification to school meals, parent must contact school nurse to explain modification request and complete the proper documentation as necessary.  Modifications include substitutes or omissions to the regular meal offerings that meet the student’s individual dietary need.  All requests must begin with the school nurse and will then be evaluated by the HHSC Food Service Director.  Food Service Director will discuss available options with parents/student in order to create a specialized diet plan for student.  School level cafeteria personnel cannot approve or implement any modification requests.  HHSC will make every effort to implement modifications in a timely manner but in order for students to be served as quickly as possible, parents should make such requests at least two week prior to the desired start date of the modified service.  In the case where specific allergens can be avoided without requesting modifications to the regular menu, school nurse should still be notified.  HHSC will work to ensure students can access a safe meal according to specific dietary needs but cannot guarantee the school environment is 100% free from particular reaction-causing food items.  Therefore, especially in the case of life-threatening allergens or conditions, the best way of ensuring your child’s safety would be for your child to bring his/her own lunch from home to school. 


Please contact your child's building administrator or school nurse for more information.