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  • Gold Star

    Thanks for Visiting HHMS! 

    Summer School Classes Start on Monday, July 23

    HHMS Husky Connect Day: Tuesday, July 31 from 1-6

    First Student Day: Tuesday, August 7 at 7:35


    Note on Start and End Times Slightly Changing for 2018-19

    Regular Schedule: 7:35-2:35

    Early Release Wednesdays (except August 8 & May 29): 7:35-2:05

    2-Hour Delays: 9:35-2:35


    Want to Help Students at HHMS? Sign-up to Volunteer!  

    HHMS Parent Volunteer Sign-up Form

    If you have any questions, please contact the middle school office at 317-984-3588 ext. 2090. Go Huskies!!


     Student Helpdesk Support Click Here to submit a ticket for student iPad support 

    HHMS Administration

    Mr. Bret Bailey, Principal - bbailey@mail.hhsc.k12.in.us   @HHMS_Principal

    Mr. Corey Kiger, Assistant Principal - ckiger@mail.hhsc.k12.in.us   @Kiger7HHMS

    Mrs. Jessi Cantlon, School Counselor - jcantlon@mail.hhsc.k12.in.us

  • Vision

    Our vision is to help all students become the best version of themselves. HHMS empowers great kids to do great things.


    The mission of HHMS is to serve as a bridge between elementary and high school, preparing all students to be successful. We accomplish this mission by connecting students with outstanding teachers, caring for each child, engaging students in meaningful curriculum, challenging students beyond their comfort zones, and inspiring them to rise and learn from their failures.

    Our Team's Teaching Committment Checklist

    1. Do I know my students well?

    2. Do I regularly build positive relationships with my students?

    3. Am I well-prepared for the lesson?

    4. Do I start with the end in mind (goals and assessments) and design the lesson with the standards in mind?

    5. Are my students appropriately challenged and prepared for the next steps (Depth of Knowledge)?

    6. Are my students progressing? How do I know? How do they know?

    7. Do I use effective questioning to assess my teaching and think through my "Big Questions" ahead of time?

    8. Do I adapt to meet the students' needs (special needs, high ability, learning gaps, etc.)?

    9. Does my feedback to students make specific suggestions for improvement? Do students follow the suggestions?

    10. Do students know how to think about and improve their own learning? 

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