Dyslexia Information

  • Dyslexia Information

  • Senate Act 217

  • In accordance with Indiana Code 217

    School Year 2023-2024
    The dyslexia intervention program(s) used during the previous school year to support students with dyslexia.
    • Seeing Stars
    • Visualizing/Verbalizing
    • Recipe for Reading (Orton Gillingham)
    • Fundations
    The number of students who received dyslexia intervention during the previous school year. This indicator represents the number of students who were identified as “at risk” or “at some risk” for dyslexia during the previous school year and who received the appropriate interventions.
    • 16 students k-2 were identified as "at risk" or "at some risk" for characteristics of dyslexia in the 2023-2024 school year. 
    The number of students identified with dyslexia during the previous school year. 
    • 4 Students were identified as SLD due to a pattern consistent with dyslexia