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    Email Asked Dec 1, 2020, 4:55 PM.  Answered Dec 2, 2020, 11:46 AM

    • Question: are you looking for a Managed Router to be included or will you be doing your own routing?
      • Answer: HHSC does not require a vendor managed router for the Category 1 Internet Access Service.


    FY 2021 IA 470 Worksheet


    School:  Hamilton Heights School Corporation                                            BEN: 130184  

    470#:   210005374                                                                                         


    There is no formal RFP for any of the services requested in this 470, but it is important for all service providers read and respond to the attached RFP documents when preparing their bids. 


    We seek managed internet access bundled with a transport circuit with no bias regarding circuit material.  We seek bandwidth at 500 Mbps scalable to 5 Gbps with guaranteed throughput to the WAN headend at the Hamilton Heights High School, BEN 51103, 25802 State Road 19, Arcadia, IN beginning July 1, 2021.  Provide laddered pricing from 500 Mbps to 5 Gbps in all bids and contracts.

    We will require 20 public IPv4 addresses.  Please provide individual or block pricing for additional addresses to account for potential growth during the term of the contract.  You may also provide optional pricing for the technical equivalent number of IPv6 addresses. 


    Your proposal must include any service provider owned onsite equipment necessary to hand off service to the District’s head-end equipment, and you should describe your proposed hand-off as part of your response.


    Each respondent must provide a proposed Service Level Agreement (SLA) with their response.  The proposed SLA must include a description of the services provided, and where applicable, describe how these services will be measured.  At a minimum, the SLA should describe that the vendor will make all reasonable efforts to ensure 99.99% network availability of each circuit, and it should provide frame/packet loss, network latency, and network jitter commitments.  Additionally, each SLA should describe 24x7x365 trouble-reporting procedures, offer commitments with regard to the time to repair outages, and describe provisions offered in the event of chronic trouble.  The services described in the SLA shall be maintained to the specifications of these commitments throughout the term of the contract, and the selected vendor shall remediate any deficiencies at no cost to the school district.  Additional features, such as resiliency, and DDoS protection, should also be described.


    We will consider multi-year contracts with or without voluntary extensions.  All cost proposals must reflect the LCP (Lowest Corresponding Price), GSA pricing, and any available governmental unit discounts including existing State of Indiana QPA pricing.  Any proposal referencing an existing State of Indiana QPA must include the QPA Number in the proposal.  Bid prices must be complete for the services proposed and shall include all associated costs, even if the amounts are estimates based upon current applicable taxes, surcharges, or fees.


    If there are any separate installation or special construction costs necessary to bring a service to our head-end, the cost proposal must clearly delineate those costs from monthly recurring costs, and the service provider must be prepared to assist with any USAC review questions concerning those costs (Examples attached as RFP document “Potential FCC/USAC review questions”). 


    All bids will be evaluated in accordance with the E-Rate program rules for cost effectiveness, other evaluation criteria will include but not be limited to bids that meet or beat any pricing included in existing State of Indiana QPAs.




    All bids must include the following information:


    1. A description of services to be provided with detailed information regarding any required construction, including a timeline for completion of every phase of work necessary to demonstrate service delivery by July 1, 2021.
    2. Complete pricing for the services described herein. Your proposal must clearly indicate non-recurring costs, recurring costs, and fees for the service being proposed, for each service tier.
    3. Proposed Service Level Agreement
    4. Three (3) reference sites where your company has performed a similar service, including business name, contact name and contact information. It is preferable that at least one reference should be for a school district of similar size within 100 miles of the District.
    5. Your E-Rate SPIN Number. (You must have a current SPAC form on file with USAC.)



    Any questions concerning technical specifications or Statement of Work (SOW) requirements

    must be directed to:

    Dave Slabe, IT Operations Manager

    Address: 410 W Main St, PO Box 469

    Email:  erate@hhschuskies.org


    All questions concerning this request must be submitted by 2 pm local time on December 15, 2020.  All questions and answers will be posted to http://hhschuskies.org/erate once all questions have been received.   It is the sole responsibility of the Service Provider to check for any additional information that may be issued.



    The District reserves the right to reject each and every bid, and to waive informalities, irregularities, and errors in the bidding to the extent permitted by law.  This includes the right to extend the date and time for receipt of bids.  In the event that a responsible bid is not received or if it is determined that the low bid received is too high, the bid received will be rejected and the project will be cancelled or re-bid.


    Bids should e-mailed to the office of Dave Slabe, IT Operations Manager through email to erate@hhschuskies.org by 2 pm local time on January 12, 2021.