All visitors will now be required to present a valid photo ID or SafeVisitor generated badge to gain access to all Hamilton Heights Schools.


    • Lunch guests
    • Classroom parties
    • Volunteers
    • Field trip chaperones

    If you do not fall into one of these categories above, please contact your potential supervisor or school to make sure you are completing the correct background check for your position. 

    Follow this link, https://secure.safevisitorsolutions.com/Safe/Volunteer/004773/vol , to complete the required background check.  The background check is a Level I National Screen that includes SSN and address verification, and checks against the following:  National Criminal Database, National Sex Offender Registry, County Criminal Search, and Indiana Participating.  This background check also includes the Arrest Alert program, which will notify HHSC of all arrests for active visitors.  


    You will be charged $25.00, payable by credit card, for this background check which will be valid for 2 years from approval date.

    Please note - this process could take 3 to 6 business days. Please plan accordingly.  You will receive an email notification from “info@safevisitorsolutions.com.”  

    Temporary Visitors/Guests

    • Classroom Guest Speakers
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences/Case Conferences
    • Classroom/School Special Events (Grandparent’s Day/Veteran’s Day Program/etc.)
    • School Programs
    • Visiting a school office area or dropping off items at the school

    This group of visitors will not require a formal background check but you will need to follow regular school check-in procedures.  

    HHSC staff members will not need to complete this additional background check to visit district schools as they have already completed an advanced criminal background check for employment.  

    All approved visitors will have a picture taken at each visit and receive a badge that must be visibly worn at all times. 

    All visitors must return to the main office and check-out at the front desk. 

    Thank you for your support in keeping our schools safe.

    *Please understand that if you have lived outside of Hamilton County or the state of Indiana, there may be additional costs associated with the background request.

    **The volunteer application form may not display properly with certain versions of Internet Explorer.  Firefox is recommended to users who experience any issues with Internet Explorer.

    Hamilton Heights School Corporation reserves the right to deny background checks that may include any of the following:

    - Felony convictions for violent crime

    - Felony convictions in the past six (6) years.

    - Misdemeanor convictions in the past three (3) years

    - Sexual offenses

    - Crimes against children

    - Pending cases for disqualifying felony or misdemeanors above

    - Open warrants of any type

    - Non-disclosure of any of the above

    A status determination appeal may be filed with the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent will appoint a committee consisting of two (2) principals and a Board member. This committee will examine the report and the initial determination and make a final recommendation to the Superintendent concerning the volunteer's status.  Please contact Dr. Derek Arrowood to request an appeal at darrowood@hhschuskies.org.