• Hamilton Heights Middle School maintains a strong commitment of providing first-class facilities and maintaining a dedicated coaching staff that provides outstanding leadership and guidance for all Husky athletes. HHMS coaches will aspire to provide a positive example for the athletes by following ethical standards and presenting a professional attitude in all endeavors. They, along with parents and teachers, will help to instill a sense of pride in our school through supporting individual athletes, teams, and the Athletic Department and its policies. HHMS athletes and community can be proud of a program that is helping our athletes become the best that they can be in many aspects.

    We believe strongly in the role athletics play in the educational process but maintain it is an honor to have the opportunity to compete and represent our school and community as a member of an athletic team. Success in athletics requires dedication, sacrifice, and a sincere desire to reach the fullest of one’s potential. This effort generates tremendous individual, team, school and community pride.

    As we cheer on our teams, we want to conduct ourselves with respect and integrity. Please keep in mind our attitudes and actions not only reflect upon our individual character but also on the character of our school and community as a whole. Please join us in our efforts to display good sportsmanship by helping us foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all, thereby representing HHMS athletics with the spirit and respect it deserves. Help all of us remain leaders in sportsmanship and take the initiative to Be Loud, Be Proud and Be Positive!

     Go Huskies!