• Family and Community Expectations

     Hamilton Heights High School will provide and support the academic needs of all students.

    A creative learning environment is maintained and various instructional methods are utilized.

    The Hamilton Heights High School family provides a supportive student environment through effective networking of church, community, business, family, and school.

    Students learn best when their home life values, supports, and fosters an understanding of the purposes, functions, concepts and expectations of the school.

    The high school staff will be exemplary role models who demonstrate appropriate behaviors such as preparation, cooperation, effectiveness, and caring thus enhancing the learning environment.

    A safe, clean and orderly environment conducive to learning shall be maintained.

    A positive, caring and respectful classroom climate will be maintained to ensure an effective learning environment.

    Students will learn to value personal differences and respect others core beliefs.

    Students will acquire skills and exposure to current technology.

    Open communication will be fostered between faculty, students and parents.

    Recognition of achievement, improvement and excellence will be emphasized.

    Participation in academic and professional development activities is expected.

    The use of problem solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity will be developed and emphasized to encourage lifelong learning attitudes.

    The importance of service to others, community, state, country, and school will be emphasized.