• Our Vision
    Hamilton Heights High School will be recognized as a high quality, cutting edge learning community by our stakeholders. We will accomplish this through:

    A passion for excellence

    A continual improvement process.

    A high-tech learning environment

    A caring well-qualified professional staff

    Anticipating changing student needs

    A commitment to action

  • Beliefs

     Students learn in a positive environment, which is safe, respectful, caring, fair and realistic.

    Students learn when teachers employ a variety of methodologies.

    Interdisciplinary learning creates a continuous learning process for the students and should be emphasized.

    All students learn and improve their quality of learning through a variety of experiences including athletics, academic activities, school club activities, and community social work experiences.

    All students can learn and their learning can be maximized according to their individual ability level and attitudinal motivation.

    It is important for the high school to promote and develop activities, skills, and experiences, which lead students to becoming lifelong learners.

    Students achieve academic success when the curriculum and other school experiences are relevant and have clearly defined expectations and goals.

    It is important that open communication is facilitated between students and teachers to maximize individual learning.

    It is important for the high school to promote a climate of caring and unity, one in which the students can experience a group identity and a sense of belonging.

    Students learn from life experiences built on cooperation between school, family and community.

    Student participation and good attendance at school is essential for learning