It is the intention of the Hamilton Heights School Corporation to ensure that qualified instructors are in all classrooms each day. Therefore, the following criteria will be followed in securing qualified people to serve as substitute teachers on days when regular teachers are absent.

    1. Individuals must meet one of the following criteria;
      1.  Hold a valid Indiana Teacher License, or;
      2.  Hold a valid Indiana Substitute Teacher Certificate issued prior to September 16, 1996, or;
      3.  Qualify for a substitute license using the criteria listed below if applying after September 1, 1996;
        1. Education: Applicants must hold a high school diploma
        2. Experience: Prior experience working with youth is desirable (i.e.., working at a day care center, cadet teaching, working at a summer camp, serving as a scout leader, teaching Sunday school, etc.)
        3. References: Each prospective substitute teacher will be required to provide both personal and previous employer references
    1. Application Process: Each applicant must complete an employment application and if they do not hold a valid license or substitute certificate they must complete an application for Indiana Substitute Teaching certification. (The State requires a certification processing fee of $15, approximately). A National Criminal History background check will be required of each candidate with fee paid by the candidate.
    2. Orientation and In-service: Each properly licensed or certified substitute teacher will be required to meet with the superintendent (or designee) for orientation prior to working as a substitute.
    3. Program Assessment: This policy and program for certifying substitute teachers will be evaluated by school administrators at the end of the school year. Any recommended changes will be forwarded to the Indiana Division of Teacher Licensing.


    The pay for substitute teachers is $90.00/day for those who have a current teaching license and $85.00/day for all others. There is a $10 premium for the day prior to and the day immediately following fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring breaks. A $40 bonus for every 20 full days worked will be paid at the end of each semester.

    To apply for a substitute teaching position, please complete the following steps:

    Step 1

    Apply on AppliTrack You must have a completed application on file before you will be invited to attend the New Substitute Teacher Academy.


    Step 2

    As a part of the hiring process, you are required to apply for and receive a clear national background screening. This can be done before the New Substitute Academy, but still close to the Academy. An email will be sent to you with the link to complete the background screening after your application is submitted. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER LINK THAN THE ONE EMAILED DIRECTLY TO YOU. If you have not received an email and believe you should have, please contact the central office at 317-984-3538. All background reports will be sent to the school corporation by Safe Hiring Solutions. If you are a subsitute teacher in another school district and have a recent Safe Hiring background check, you can contact central office to see if we can accept it in lieu of completing a new one.

    As a substitute teacher, you can submit a request for reimbursement of the cost of the background check (basic fee) once ten (10) full days of substitute teaching has been completed. 

    Step 3

    If you do not have a current Indiana teacher’s license or substitute teacher’s certificate, you can apply online for a certificate with the Indiana Department of Education at https://license.doe.in.gov/. Start by creating a profile for your application for a Sub Teaching permit. At one point in the process, the school corporation is required to enter information, that portion is completed only after a clear Background Report is received.

    Step 4

    Upon completion of steps 1, 2 and 3, we will send your employment forms via email for you to complete and bring to the Academy.

    Step 5

    We will contact you via e-mail to attend the next scheduled New Substitute Academy. Please bring the following:

    • Copy of a current State of Indiana teacher’s license or State of Indiana substitute teacher’s permit
    • Completed employment forms you received in Step 4
    • One of the following:
      • Passport
      • Driver’s license along with either Social Security card or birth certificate