• Little Huskies Learning Center


    ANNOUNCEMENTS 2018-2019 School Year:

    • Registration for HHSC's kindergarten - 6th grade BAC students for the 2018-2019 school year is now OPEN! A registration packet AND the submission of the required registration fee must be submitted and processed (please allow 2 days) before your child can begin.  Please contact Sara Cox in regards to availability as some of our sections are full or have limited spots left.        

  • Little Huskies Learning Center Before and After Child Care


     Before and after care, (BAC) is an exclusive program created for Hamilton Heights students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The program is enjoyable for the students and convenient for parents needing care for their school-aged child. BAC is age appropriate care that focuses on offering homework help, enriching activities, physical fitness and socialization.  BAC is conveniently located inside Hamilton Heights Elementary School, right across from the gymnasium. Hamilton Heights Elementary students (3rd through 6th grade) are safely transported by the HHSC buses to and from their school. Once the students arrive at the Elementary School, a BAC teacher gets them off the bus and guides them back to our program.



    The purpose of the BAC program is to provide Hamilton Heights families with exceptional quality school-age child care.

    Before and aftercare is primarily used by parents needing a safe and enjoyable place for their child to attend while they work. BAC may also be used by families who are interested in having their child participate in BAC activities.


    Program Hours:

    Before Care:          6:30 am – Start of school

    Aftercare:              School dismissal – 6:00 pm


    Attendance Options:

    You may choose to use before care, after care, or both. The options are available to have your child come every day, only on scheduled days, or occasionally. To attend occasionally, you must provide 24-hour notice.


    Program Pricing 2018-2019:

    REGISTRATION/SUPPLY FEE: (annual-per student)

    $65.00 First Enrolled Student, $45.00 each additional sibbling.  THIS IS NON-REFUNDABLE

    The registration fee may be prorated by 9 week sessions.  For example, if a student enrolls in the BAC program during the second 9 weeks of school, the non-refundable registration amount would be $48.75 instead of $65.00.


    DAILY RATES: (per session)

    Morning session                                                   $15/day

    Afternoon session                                                $15/day

    Early Release Wednesdays Only                         $20/day



    Morning session                                                   $50/week

    Afternoon session                                                $55/week

    Morning & afternoon sessions                             $85/week



                  *Registration fee may be required

     Full Day               6:30 am – 6:00 pm                   Fall and Spring Break fees:  $30/day

                                                                                   Summer Camp Daily:          $40/day



    Early Release Wednesday:

    Students arrive to the program at the early dismissal time, allowing them more time for exciting options and activities. Wednesday daily rates are higher than other daily rates due to the extended length of program and an inceased number of applicants. If you are signed up for weekly BAC care,this rate variance does not apply. 


    Quiet Education Time/Homework Assistance:

           *Offered Monday-Thursday

    All students are encouraged to use this time to finish their homework and study for up-coming tests.  

    Assistance is available throughout educational time.

    • Elementary School - Students enrolled in 1st and 2nd grade take part in 20 minutes of educational time when they arrive to the program.  Kindergarteners are offered alternative play and craft activities. 
    • Elementary/6th graders - Students participate in a 20-30 minute educational time following snack.

    We are committed to helping your child be successful academically and have many resources throughout the school to help.  During this time students are asked to be respectful of their peers, however they are not required to get out homework. Other quiet educational activities will be offered.  Please make your expectations clear to your child and feel free to communicate academic needs to the staff when necessary.  


    Breakfast & Snack:

    Breakfast is served at 8 am to every student present.  

    A healthy, substantial snack is provided to all aftercare students.


    Program Activities:

    Activities: Baking Smile Bullet  Painting Smile Bullet  Crafts Smile Bullet  Technology Smile Bullet  Team Work Smile Bullet  Inventions Smile Bullet  Science Smile Bullet  Gym Games Smile Bullet  Fashion Smile Bullet  Ball Games Smile Bullet  Big Kid Club Smile Bullet  Cooking Smile Bullet  Playground Smile Bullet  Trails & Nature Smile Bullet  Ninja/Spy Days Smile Bullet  Pirate Day Smile Bullet  Gardening Smile Bullet  Talent Show Smile Bullet  STEM Smile Bullet  Guest Speakers Smile Bullet  Health & Nutrition Smile Bullet  Sports Education Smile Bullet  Other Areas that Intrest Those Enrolled


    Qualities Taught and Practiced During BAC: Sportsmanship Smile Bullet  Positive Attitude Smile Bullet  Sharing Smile Bullet  Patience Smile Bullet  Empathy Smile Bullet  Friendship Smile Bullet  Gratitude Smile Bullet  Confidence Smile Bullet  Study Habits Smile Bullet  Respect Smile Bullet  Compassion Smile Bullet  Kindess Smile Bullet  Humor Smile Bullet  Helpfulness Smile Bullet  Creativity Smile Bullet  Responsibility Smile Bullet  Conflict Resolution 

    "My two children love BAC so much that if I pick them up too early they are really bummed out.  Lots of fun and learning with friends." - Kara Dent (BAC parent)


    "Our children enjoyed going to the before and after care at school. As parents, we appreciate the homework help that the teachers provide on a daily basis. We also appreciate the teachers teaching the kids about responsibility and manners." - BAC parent



    Financial assistance for most of our programs is available upon request.  


    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.